Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new store!

I have recently discovered DaWanda, which is a sort of Etsy-like enterprise but with a slightly different feel. It's smaller, and based in Europe, and seems to be a little more geared towards high-ticket items. It's a fun site to poke around, and on the recommendation of some other Etsy users, I decided to open a shop there too! Hey the more exposure the better, right?
Here it is:

In other news, I've been invited to be a guest blogger for a fellow Etsy seller, carnival!! I'm really excited to be chosen, and will give you more updates as the time for my column gets closer. Meanwhile, check out her eye-popping blog.

Friday, June 6, 2008

featured in a Treasury!!

I'm trying to minimize the use of exclamation points, which is hard because I'm really excited! (!!)

I just found myself featured in a Treasury on Etsy! Please click here to view (it's a gorgeous treasury based around a Eggplant/Plum/Maroon color scheme) and leave a comment.

Yay! (!!!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

of photo shoots and bright hats

Just got back from a trip back to ye olde country, aka Oklahoma. My goal now is to start promoting the heck out of my etsy shop!

Since my last post, I have added hats to my lineup. I've had these "in stock" for quite a while but finding a time to get the photos I wanted of them proved to be a major obstacle; but after almost a month of attempts, my best friend Anne and I managed to find the perfect afternoon in Dupont Circle to do a photo shoot. If I look way cooler than I am, it's because the wonderful Aaron is a very talented photographer (and took over 400 pictures just to make sure he got some decent ones.) I love how the hats look on Anne, with that thick long hair of hers, and her dark features. Here is a sample, more at the link above:

Oh, how I love the greens in this photo:

The photo shoot was way more fun with a friend helping.

Other than that, summer is in full swing, which means I'm still experimenting with ways to create crocheted items, typically reserved for chillier months, into fashionable designs for warm (if you're a DC resident, read: miserable) days. I think I've hit upon something I really like, so stay tuned :)