Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer time, and the living...

As my dear boyfriend keeps reminding me, 95degrees Fahrenheit is not what most people think of as "crochet weather".
But I have managed to come up with a couple of designs that I am really proud of for the summer!

This wrap is made in 100% linen, which is very much the fiber-of-the-season, and the colors are just gorgeous (I can brag because I didn't make the yarn, just used someone else's genius!)

This one actually got me on the front page of Etsy! I was so thrilled I called my parents to make them look!

My guest blog for Carnival is yet to post, but when it does I'll let you know, it's actually all about the challenge of designing crocheted things for summer, and the loveliness that is available in all seasons. I'm looking forward to my post!


Walk in the Woods said...

Lovely, lovely summer wraps!

Anonymous said...

those are really nice for a night watching fireworks or something like that, i also really like that white dress!