Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Belle Isle

I finally got all of my pictures from England edited, resized, edited some more, and uploaded to Flickr. It only took me two months! I put up a LOT of pictures but it was honestly only a quarter of the pictures I took, which is quite an achievement. My pictures are like my babies; no matter how unremarkable they are I want everyone in the whole world to look at them and marvel. So it's pretty hard for me to exclude any.

Here is one of my favorites:
Aaron tried to convince me to cut out all of the "pictures of pretty houses" because he said they had nothing to do with our trip and didn't really tell a story. I told him to shove it, basically, because when I close my eyes and think "England" the image that almost invariably comes to mind is pretty white cottages with thatched roofs and flowers surrounded by impossible shades of green. I was so thrilled to find out that England really looks like that. So there. It's part of MY trip story at least.

England also looks like this:
(muddy, muddy music festival)

And this:
(off Brick Lane, London)

And this:
(Tate Modern, across the Thames)

I wouldn't want to live there maybe, but looking at the pictures sure makes me want to go back there immediately (or maybe when the weather warms up.)

Now I'm off to warm my hands around a hot mug of Earl Grey tea. Pippip. Cheerio.

(rest of pictures can be found here)

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Beta said...

Gorgeous pics! Worth the wait :)