Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I am wearing my brand-new Doris Chan jacket/cardi (of which I have yet to take pictures). I love, love, love this sweater. So much so that I was sitting at breakfast with some faculty members, and I got really tired of waiting for them to ask me about the sweater, so I just flat out said HEY I MADE THIS.
This started a whole discussion about whether or not it was "feminist" of me to spend my time sitting at home crocheting. The old (male) farts seemed to think that it is a bit old-fashioned, which might be true, but my argument to them was that I find it very empowering, not to mention the fact that I feel so privileged to get to take part in a tradition that women throughout time have carefully cultivated. I realized that the bra-burning feminists would have eschewed any kind of handicraft or domesticity, but I think that this generation's feminism (are we third- or fourth-wave??) has come around to a more thoughtful and appreciative mode. Then again, I don't know that much about feminism I guess. I just like what I like.

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