Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where I was

On Tuesday the boy and I found a spot on the hill of the Washington Monument. Close enough to (sorta) see a couple of Jumbotrons; if we had been willing to get to the mall at 5am we might have gotten closer. As it was, standing in the 10 degree windchill for several hours was enough to make me terribly, knock-out sick yesterday. I'm better now. And of course it was worth it.

The family standing in front of us was amazing; four sweet red-headed kids, ages maybe 7 through 12, freezing their poor little ears off but so excited to be there, asking questions about the role of the vice president and term limits for senators and if reelected presidents get sworn in all over again and similar questions that would make any junior high Civics teacher well up with tears of joy and pride.
The crowd became disproportionately elated when Biden was sworn in; I think it was that moment when everyone realized a) those guys are really leaving and b) these new guys are really staying.
There was absolutely nothing mundane about that day.

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