Wednesday, January 23, 2008

lessons I've learned recently

I am about 94% done with the Unseamly Sweater that a coworker commissioned from me. I have learned several things from this experience:
1) I'm suffering from severe project ADD. I've never had three projects going at once before but I do now, because I am SO BORED with the sweater. It fills me with dread knowing it's not done yet and I feel guilty doing other things but I just can't handle it some days.
2) I'm never taking a commission again, unless it's for something small. It makes me feel pressured, and like I can't work on anything else, and it takes all of the joy and relaxation out of the project and makes it something I have to do instead of want to do.
3) Sweaters are a completely impractical thing to make for sale. I will be able to recoup my material expenses but there's no way I can charge enough to pay myself for the three weeks of labo I've put into it. Blah.

Anyway. I should finally finish this evening! That will be a relief. And these were things I needed to learn anyway...

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