Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pics and other news...

First of all, I'm really excited because my third pattern is officially off to the tester! I got some really nice photos of it on Saturday when the weather was nice and crisp and overcast. I will unveil it once the pattern is finalized and uploaded (yay!)

So I have some finished objects that I just hadn't gotten around to photographing. Here are a couple, they are for a housewarming present for my friend/former boss who just bought her first house with her husband and new baby:
housewarming gifts for Tamara
I wanted to do something that wasn't too terribly involved, but was still a sweet little gift. I'm really happy with the hotpad, I think it looks pretty neat.

Also, here is the hat that Jan requested:
By Request Beanie-prototype
It came out even better than I thought. Crochet ribbing is very different than knit ribbing, and I love the way this looks on this particular hat. I also love the way the post stitches affect the striping. Yay for hat! I have written up a pattern for this too and will post it soon.

I'm really, really excited about the ballet wrap sweater I'm designing right now. I hope it's half as neat in real life as it is in my head :) We'll see.
As always, yay for crochet!

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