Wednesday, February 27, 2008

thrilling, just thrilling

When I uploaded my wrap design and asked for volunteer testers, I got three responses almost immediately. Three people loved the design and are testing it for me! (!!) The idea that there are people in the world who liked the finished product, and are looking at a pattern that I wrote, and using that pattern to create their own thing...gosh, it's just thrilling. I can't even describe it with words, but it makes me giddy.

Another exciting thing: I finally got around to dragging myself to a Stitch 'n' Bitch meeting last week, and turns out, the people are really nice! I've been having a really great time. What could be better than crocheting, meeting new people, and drinking beer? (Yes, I picked the group that meets in a bar. Of course.) The bonus to this is that the other girls are knitters, so being around them has really encouraged me to actually pick up the needles (needles! without hooks on the end! madness) and try to learn. Last night Gwen taught me the long-tail cast-on, which is fabulous and stupendous and made me feel very cool once I got it down...and now I'm knitting a scarf! Granted, it did take me probably an hour to knit 1/2" of scarf, but...I'm remembering the stitches and they're coming easier. Soon I'll be a bi-crafty phenomenon. I'm really jazzed.

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